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Ozimex International Pty Ltd is established since 1988. It is trading in, finance, real estate, manufacturing, wholesaling, distribution, sales and marketing, management and a host of other activities.
    In June 1996, we took over Eastern Cross Trading Co., which is specialized in Indonesian Foods. Its distribution is covering the whole Sydney area, Canberra, New Castle and Wollongong, as well as the other states, such as Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia.

     We are importing Indonesian Finest food products, such as soy, coconut cream, fruit juice, beverage, snack, biscuit, chilli sauces and mixed spices. We distribute our products into all Asian supermarkets, shops, convenience stores, restaurants and food catering outlets.

 Ozimex International Pty Ltd is mainly responsible for all major importing from overseas and other local activities in Indonesian community.  Eastern Cross Trading Co is concentrating on Wholesaling and Distribution, Sales and Marketing. These activities are particularly centered in food products and beverages.

Eastern Cross Trading Co is specialized in Indonesian foods and widely recognized as the agent of PT. ABC Central Foods in Australia. Now it is known as PT Heinz ABC and its major product lines are soya sauces, chilli sauces, fruit juices and syrups. We also gain the distribution of Kara Coconut Cream products from PT Pulau Sambu. In 2003, we also gain the distribution right for Nutrijel. In 2006, we had the Dua kelinci and in 2008, we are appointed to be the sole distributor of Sosro Tea and Swallow Globe Brand in East coast of Australia.

Besides all these, we also distribute Sambal Jempol, Mariza Lapis, Cap Ibu Chilli Sauces, Bamboe Spices, Enak Eco, Kobe Flours, and Wayang products, such as Coconut sugar, Palm sugar, Fried onion, Prawn crackers. Fish and Vegetable crackers and many more.

    We distribute most of Indonesian food product lines.
    We have about 350 customers in Sydney, New Castle, Wollongong, Campbelltown, and Canberra 15. We also send some products interstate to Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne. We are providing our services to these customers regularly. The services are including experienced salesmen visits, telephone marketing and internet marketing. Please visit our


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" We will conduct our trades with fair and honesty. Service is our motto"

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